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Eva Celia Latjuba is star of sinetron which also putri of pesinetron of Sophia Latjuba and musicians of Indra Lesmana. Eva born in Jakarta, 21 September 1992, and early its carrier footstep in world of entertainment as advertisement star a number of product

Early its career of age moment eight year get role in a FTV with its mother. Besides Eva also star toilet soap advertisement of GIV and Jamu Jamu Tolak Angin for Child, also with its mother

In this time Multivision Plus orbit its name pass sinetron entitle, SHERINA which is displaying in SCTV.

Bunga Citra Lestari New Bikini Photos

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Full Name : Bunga Citra Lestari
Born : Jakarta, 22 Maret 1983

The Cinta Pertama song (Sunny) that was soundtrack the CINTA PERTAMA film made the name of Bunga Citra Lestari increasingly popular. This Dewiq creation song made the Bunga dream become the realised singer. Moreover after his first solo album was sold 75 thousand copies only in time two weeks. For the Bunga, not the matter that was easy to gain the dream as the singer at the same time the film player. The daughter of the couple Muchlis Rusli and Emmy Syarif this must sacrifice many matters to work on her solo album, including gathering with the family.

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Although being classified as the new singer, Syahrini was counted really brave in have an appearance every time cooed. By singing that occasionally sighed, spoilt, the Syahrini voice indeed canned be heard sweet. This could be enjoyed in the My Lovely song, Tatapan Cinta, and Bohong in her first album that was produced by Trinity Productions.
Syahrini possibly was the same as Aura Kasih that is together the newcomer's singer who had the pretty face and somewhat brave in her appearance, sexy and naughty, indeed the appearance syahrini also was considered to be quite brave, just try to see photographs syahrini in her action, possibly be the same as aura kasih in her videoclip that is most sexy.

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Full Name : Sabria Sagita Kono
Born : 1980

Sabria kono, this film artist was the former sweetheart from our famous singer in Indonesia that is Rio febrian. Sabria kono more was known by the public's public as the presenter especially the news presenter of sport that was presented in antv.

Laudya Chintya Bella House Party

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Full Name : Laudya Chintya Bella
Born : Bandung, 24 Desember 1988

Laudya Chintya Bella was born in Bandung, on February 24 1988. Laudya began the career as the model and the advertisement star, before finally was active in acting. Bella had been chosen as the KAWANKU magazine finalist in 2002, but her name began to be known when playing a movie as Biyan in the VIRGIN movie. Through this VIRGIN film also, Bella that studied acting from Eka D. Sitorus, the caretaker of Sakti Acting School Jakarta, was chosen as one of the nominations of the main artist the best woman the Indonesian Film Festival (FFI). Bella was also crowned as the Aktris Terpuji in the Bandung Film Festival (FFB) 2004. Bella that had starred in the CINTA REMAJA film, LENTERA MERAH and BUKAN BINTANG BIASA. And through the JURAGAN JENGKOL film, Bella succeeded in as the actress being greatest the SCTV Awards version 2006.

MTV VJ Cathy Sexy Photos FHM

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Full Name : Catherine Sharon a.k.a VJ Cathy
Born : October 8 1982

However the older brother Julie Estelle chose the comedy compared with the sexy scene. "Now I still am interested being the same."I wanted to try something that was new. One of them played the time comedy. Because I liked humour, said Cathy when being met in PPH-UI Street H.R Rasuna Said, Kuningan, Southern Jakarta, on Wednesday (3/10/2007) the night. Asked whether she was interested doing the sexy scene in a film, Cathy rejected. She say, "If her scene rather hot then I was frightened". Cathy also did not want her image to change. "Frightened her the stereotype from the community."

Prisa Princess Lady Rock

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Full Name : Prisa Adinda Arini Rianzi
Born : Jakarta, 6 January 1988

Prisa the first time studied the guitar when JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL, Prisa lived in the barracks was afterwards mischievous playing the guitar had his friend. Finally Prisa determined the revenge by going along course the guitar. Finally Prisa and his friend went along together while the race who that eventually more the champion. In 2005 up to the middle of 2006 the Prisa name was enough to be known in scene underground with the band of his metal, Zala. This band was enough to seize attention of the reason for the contents of his personnel the girl all. But not merely sold the image, skill they also did not lose was the same bands of the guy. In 2006 could be counted as his gold year of Prisa where her career was good personally and the group was increasingly successful. Personally, she was chosen to the model for the first guitar gate in Indonesia, She also often was acknowledged as Miss Gitaris because always became the representative in various event and the media. With his band, Zala, she several times appeared in event metal underground in fact until now.
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